Trattoria San Lorenzo, via Borgo San Lorenzo 53r, 50123 Firenze


The restaurant is located in Piazza San Lorenzo, in the heart of the historical center, literally 100 meters from Piazza del Duomo and a 10-minute walk from every attraction in the historic center (Piazza Signoria, Piazza Repubblica, Uffizi, Central Market ..).
The square, dominated by the Basilica of San Lorenzo (the oldest in the city), it is often a stage for concerts and shows and is characterised by the many historic locations that make it a unique and unmissable place for any traveller visiting Florence .
For a few years traffic has been banned from the square, and being a vital crossroads of the city (as it connects Piazza del Duomo to the station and the central market), it’s frequented every day by thousands of people travelling on foot or by bicycle, creating a unique spectacle of life and humanity.

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